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The Alpha Course


The Alpha course operates twice a year at Trinity and commences with an Alpha supper, which is a no-obligation, relaxed introduction to the Alpha course. It introduces the format, style and people involved in the course. All are welcome.


The course itself consists of ten weekly meetings where attendees will meet for a free meal (vegetarians and special diets will be catered for) and afterwards a speaker will come and give a short talk on an aspect of Christian life. This will last around 20 minutes. That person will then leave the meeting allowing everyone to continue discussing the issue and indeed anything else that arises.

This is then your opportunity to pose any questions you like. Anything that may be on your mind feel free to bring it up. There will be other Christians among the group to answer questions and help anyway they can.

Trinity welcomes people from other churches and any guests they may wish to bring. We appreciate that not all churches have the facilities to run Alpha.  If you want to know more, want to book a place or tell us about your dietary requirements, just give us a call or send an email. If you would like to know more about the Alpha course or find a course in a different area just click here.


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