Trinity has links with a number of missionaries. Some have worked for the Lord for a short time, while others have made it their life long career.
OK, so what is a missionary?

Well, traditionally, a missionary was someone who went overseas to tell people about Jesus. This is still true, but today we include all those who are involved in full time work that, in one way or another, helps people to know more about Jesus. Sometimes this is directly, other times it is by providing some help or a service that is needed in a particular area.

Trinity supports the missionaries it has links with, firstly and most importantly, by praying for them and taking an interest in the work the Lord has given them to do. The other ways to support the missionaries are: financially, corresponding with them and providing support when they have an opportunity to return home.
Some of the missionaries Trinity has links with are in dangerous places in the world. In order to protect them and the communities they serve, we have taken the decision not to name them, or to give details of their exact locations. We do feel able to talk about their general work and where appropriate give details of the organisations they are associated with. Nevertheless we hope this page will be a benefit to you and encourage you to pray for these dear friends.
The missionaries associated with Trinity can be found in:
Japan - Facilitiating the training of new missionaries to Japan through OMF.
Bexley - CRiBS working in Bexley schools, out-of-school clubs and running parenting classes.  Transform Bexley Borough - Sharing God's love for the community by uniting churches across Bexley borough in prayer and action, and working in partnership with others.
South Asia - Wycliffe Bible Translators learning previously undocumented languages, writing them down, and producing literacy aids such as reading primers as well as Bible translations.
Tanzania - AZAR working with Habitat for Humanity in deprived communities helping people build their own affordable housing and a school.
Russia - Trinity has well-established links with a Baptist church in Tula, Russia. Exchange visits are made, which are very useful to enable us to understand some of the problems and joys of Christians in other parts of God's world.

Sometimes there are opportunities for short fixed-term work, often chosen by younger Christians during gaps in their education or before they start work.