GodZone 3-13 years

Godzone is our children's church on a Sunday morning, for ages 3-13 years (pre-school/nursery to Year 8) and is divided into 4 groups:

  • Alpha Zone: for children aged 3 to the end of Reception year at school*
  • Beta Zone: for school years 1-2*
  • Gamma Zone: for school years 3-5
  • Delta Zone: for school years 6-8

* Currently, Alpha and Beta Zones are meeting as one group.*

We are passionate about our children knowing that they are loved and chosen by God and want to give them the tools they need as they grow up to be adults who are firmly rooted in their identity in God. All our activities are designed to be fun and interactive, so that our children enjoy discovering who God is and how much He loves them.

On a normal Sunday morning, we all start off in the main hall from 10.30am, all ages together for worship, this lasts around 20 minutes. Then the children go off into their age groups where they enjoy a mixture of activities- some noisy and energetic, and some quiet and reflective. All our activities are designed to be fun and interactive, because that is who God is too! We hope that entrusting us with your children, will give you space to enjoy the service.

In June each year, our Gamma and Delta Zones have a weekend away together.  This is a brilliant weekend, packed full of great food, fun activities and interactive talks about Christian faith.  It is a wonderful opportunity for our children’s friendships to blossom, and their confidence to grow. Keep an eye on our calendar or get in touch for more information. 

We take the safety of our children very seriously, and so all of our children’s groups are run by DBS checked adults, so you can enjoy the service without worry!

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